Happy belated Easter, everyone!! Sorry I did not get on here over the weekend but I am trying to get stuff done before I leave on Wednesday for my trip.
We had a quiet Easter Sunday. Hubby was building his garage. He just started on Saturday and by the time supper rolled around on Sunday he had all the walls up and the house wrap on. He is so talented. Now he has to wait a week or so for the roof trusses to come in. I spent time cleaning, visiting my daughter, and looking after a friend’s dogs.
We had a very nice turkey dinner complete with my favorite homemade dressing/stuffing. I do not stuff my turkey. I make a potato dressing with summer savory and onions. We did not have dessert. I had a few small chocolate eggs later.
I did not even get myself I chocolate bunny this year. This is the first time is 53 years without a bunny. I didn’t even have withdrawal symptoms...lol!!
Well, I must go and have breakfast and get dressed. I have to pick my daughter up and take her to Moncton for a job interview. This will take about 3 or so hours out of my day. Then I must get packed because tomorrow is full with appointments and I leave Wednesday morning. I also have coffee night with the girls tonight.
Everyone have a super day. Debbie