Ham salad

I freaked out over ham salad tonight. I didn't check the expiration date at the store and when I got home I saw it expired. John said it was no big deal. Too me it was the end of the world. Why? Because once again I question my memory issues. The old me pre sickness would have checked for the expiration date. The sick me doesn't know where she is half the time.
The neurologist wants to run 2 more tests on me. One to check my nerves and one to check to make sure my circulation isn't being cut off. I explained my two different dizzy feelings to him and he tested my reflexes. I also told him my physical therapist said im weaker on my right side which may be causing me balance issues. He says he'll really have to push the tests through Medicaid. I just want to feel better. Tonight at the grocery store I felt awful. I really don't thibi it's anxiety. I know the difference.
John volunteered to grill out tomorrow. We invited Heather,Carrie and Matt over. I hope I feel up for it.