Had a terrible dream last night

The dream started by my dad(which is dead) drove up to the house and said that my brother was in a car accident and he didn' t survive. I can remember screaming my sister , mother and his wife was there. I was trying to get through to work to tell them I wouldn't be in and got very furstrated because you had to dail this certain number and it was in code and I couldn't figure out what is was. I called the hospital and told them to keep his body until we got there. So happens he was drunk driving and loss control of the car, so happens my first husband and son was in the car also but they were ok and were being arrested for being drunk in the xar also even though they weren't driving. Well when we finally started going to the hospital I was just mad that this could happen my dad that was driving started acting a fool driving and I told him to pull along side the road and let me out that I would walk rather than ride with him. So me and my dog started walking. Somehow when I go to the gas station I had lost the dog because I didn;t bring a lease with me and kept calling her name until she finally showed up around the corner.  The I was back in the car this time one of me cousins was driving. I arrived at the hospital and was taking to one of the doctors and he told me that my brother was in one of the rooms down the hallway and pointed it out. When I got there he wasn't there so I talked to another doctor and he had told me they had sent his body to the funeral home. Then I just got so mad I just lost it started cussing him out telling him he was a worthless doctor and I had called to tell them I wanted to see the body before it went to the funeral home and he didn't  think of anybody feelings. Then someone had handed a plastic bag to his wife with his belonging he had on him at the time of the accident. His billfold, some change and of all things his underwear. I was so mad at that and was cussing at any doctor that looked my way, and saying he was a human being so he shoudn't have been drinking while driving but he was still my brother and needed to be treated with respect. I was totally out of control......I tried to wake up but when I started drifting back to sleep the same dream would be there, so finally woke up and stayed up. Not only did I not like the fact that I dream my brother was dead but the fact that I was so out of control scared me. I got the feeling when I woke up to check my email nothing but forwards and a email from a friend. No bad news, it has taken me awhile to calm down this morning and get this feeling of inpending doom from my mind. So decide to write it down  , that seems to help me purge it from my mind. I haven't felt this way since my daughter death about a year afterwards I had the feeling of inpending doom ,I was always thinking something is just around the corner ready to get me once I started to get back to my old self again. this morning the dream made me think of that again and made me feel really scared. I know it was just a dream, but it brought back so many other feeling.