Growing into my own

I've noticed over the last several weeks that I am feeling much more like putting myself (the real me) out into the world more.  I have found myself wanting to speak in communications class...anxiously awaiting the next speech opportunity.  So many subjects that I want to speak about.  I find myself wanting to write a letter to the editor about our county's drug court program.  It is a bit like a culmination of not being me and not saying what I needed to say for so long is bubbling forth.  And it's good, but I am also realizing that it is also, in part, a reaction and that I need to pace myself, monitor a bit, really consider about the decisions I'm making at this point.  Mainly, because I do realize that this a bit reaction of being silenced for a lifetime and I want what comes forth now to be true to me and not merely reaction.
By the way, I did get a 99% on my speech.  The professor said that it was a very powerful speech and I had a great delivery.  One of the students came up and told me that she thought it was a really brave speech and she respected my hopeful message about a tough subject. 
The next speech is not personal, just informative and I am hopeful I will be able to inform about pit bulls as a breed.  Yes, still personal to me (love the little (huge) pups, even when they make me crazy), but I think I can keep it pretty informative on the history, role they once played in history in the military, as nanny dogs and such, and how public perception has changed without getting into a more pursuasive speech.
It is a bit of different feeling for me, feeling I've found my voice.  I am also still a bit afraid.  Mainly, I think of overdoing.  Some of this comes from a friend of mine who after her abusive past relationships became what I can only describe as militant.  She seems so overbearing and at times even crass to me. 
I am an emotional person.  I am also a reasonable person.  Really, I just want to find this good balance for myself.