GP apointment

Had my appointment with my GP yesterday and it left something to be desired, to say the least.  I went in with complaints about my side pain getting much worse and she felt it to be muscle related and sent me home with more pain Rx.  This is fine and "I'll bite" and do what she says and I'm glad that she finally trusts me to treat my pain but I think the muscle thing is just a result of something else.  She is right by saying that I'm over compensating and I have noticed my posture is out of whack and that I have a slight limp in my walk but this is all because of an underline reason.  I guess I have to wait till I start receiving Lupron injections and see where that leads me.  If I still have these pains in my left side, I suppose I just make another appointment and maybe they will look into it. Another thing I brought up to her is my ability to go from 0 to bitch in 1 second and that this is not like me.  She laughed at my terminology ( I was laughing too ) and she knows I'm not like that so she gave me a Rx for anxiety to help me sleep better.  The pain has been keeping me awake at night or it will wake me up and that could be triggering the "bitch" thing.  Ok, we will see, I will try it.  Hopefully it works and doesn't make me groggy in the morning.