Got " told off " simply for not liking him being LOUD with his cell phone...

Lately it doesn't matter. 

The simplest, and smallest things set his rage off ! 

Any tiny thing it seems has the potential to flip the switch, and start him flying off into one of his raging fits ! 

I'm so sick and tired of it ! 

There really are NO words anymore that can truly describe exactly how tired I am of all of this ! 

But WHAT is the ANSWER ??!! 

I WISH to GOD that I knew ! 

I'm hoping, and " praying " that an answer will come to me in my prayers - or from my prayers... whichever way is the better way of saying that. 

God knows what I'm talking about.

I doubt that ANYONE else would know what I'm talking about, even if I tried to explain it to them.

I'm thankful that my old highschool friend, and how he understands things.