got to learn

i say frustrating as this is so stup[d . i know i have this problem .i know i can not hide from it .it will catch me .and herre i am  i over did it today ,my husband had to work and here comes the oldest in with laudry that i kid you not ,took 9 hours to do! then there was meals to cook as my" grand son "was with him and he  can  not  eat as we can his food must be prepared soft . and i adore this child and  wore my self out .some of it not thinking ,now the waves are coming  on  and sorta scary ,i am sick to my stomach which is always a bad sighn for me and  quiet  antsy .i was  really  hateful to husband  tonight when he got home and now know why,its this  darn e and all my  fault. i hope it will pass when i can sleep in a few  hours .god please  no sz.   mine are mostly in my sleep and i hope this time i will advoid this yellow man.