got to go outside for while today mon.sept 26, 2011

well, today wasnt too bad. got up late again as ussuall. i never want to go to sleep like now cause im up and i feel my best at night. dont waqnt to sleep the whole day away and end up like i allways have been. boyfreind went to apt to bring me some things, and OF COURSE the place was a mess, cig ashtrays over flowing, etc. i know he has been sick this weekend after going to the er last week, but he has to clean the house. of course he told him to tell me that he is down to 2 pacs o smokes. ive told him to never say shit like that in front of B.F. then we get into it, its the same old bullshit, and boyfreind had to root around for stuff anyway caause i cant remember were anything is. i was in such a rush that day, i said ill clean later. guess what later never came. iwas down and my WHOLE LIFE CANGED in an instant. he sis get my good face lotion thank you finnally, and other things i need and the comverter box n remote from the tv. i have to have a tv here in room. noone realy likes my shows and all he watches is old b rated monster movies, and POLITICS ahhhhhhh. so ya i need to have a tv at leaste. he doesnt want to watch any of my dvds, and i watch his, bu    t im a guest they say wellcome but you know how it is, this will get vety old. ok,   did some light exercises in bed then           b.f. called, so didnt get them all in. realy now work hardly w/ the walker, im so tired and feeling lazy and deppressed, i know its not good thats why im just doing OK.  did sit for a while maybe 20 min so far w/ weight on the leg, so thats good. got rid of ther big chair, now i can go everywere in house except of course the basement and outside. they got me out on  the deck today. it was wonderfull till ui got cold and the wind. oh ya weeighd myself today. i havnt gained or lost any weight sence n. home. i know it mygrated    all to my butt. so i m treating myself a little tonightw/ some tootsi rools, but only a hand full not a whole bag like i used to only ate             3 real meals today. thats not good. ok, think ill get off now and get ready to go in room....moore tommorow