Got Letters of Administration on Friday. Yahoo!

I got the Letters of Administration on Friday.  Yahoo!  The thing I didn't realize is how badly it would affect me.  It's like saying good-bye to Smokey all over again.  By the Grace of God & Our Lord Jesus Christ, I made it thru.  The next step is to go to the bank with all the right paper and deal with them and Smokey's bank account, car loan and small home line.  It's the final step in Smokey's estate without a will.  It all sucks.  I recommend everyone getting a will.  The things I had to go thru and pay out was enormous.  It is more cost effect and better for everyone if you have a will.  As soon as this is settled and if I have the money, I would like to get my own will done as well.  I sure learned a lot in doing Smokey's estate, lawyer and to get the Letters of Administration.  It's a valuable lesson that I learned that is for sure.
Get your will done.
It is my experience and opinion only from Diane Baillie



I am so glad that you will finally be able to settle all the legal issues and move forward. You have made an excellent point. Everyone needs to be prepared in advance. No one wants to die but it certainly makes it a lot easier for those left behind. Another point to consider is that the laws change and wills and/or trusts need to be reevaluated and updated periodically.