Going away next week

So next week I leave with my boyfriend to go to the Dominican Republic for a week. We'll be staying at a resort but also visiting my daughter and her husband and my grandchildren while we are there. I'm excited but also getting a bit nervous. I've never traveled to another country by plane before and only been on a small plane a few times for a short flight to a nearby city (20 min flight). I'm really not sure if flying will scare me, I'm not worrying too much about it now but I'm more likely to feel the anxiety at the time than before. Its weird but I'm stressing about the fact that flying 'might' scare me... stupid I know. And once we're there I know we wont' be staying on the resort all the time because my daughter is living in a condo in the village about a 10 minute walk from the resort. She has already sent me a small map and instructions to find her. We have no way to contact her when we get there so I hope we find her ok. My boyfriend speaks spanish fluently so I'm not worried about the language barrier off-resort. But I have warned him he better not ever leave me alone... if I'm with my daughter its okay because she says she is quite comfortable there.
I've been researching about flying and how and what I can pack in carry-on and checked luggage.... I hope I don't mess it up and delay us at all. The only thing I'm concerned about is my antidepressants. It says they need to be in the original prescription bottle but I don't know if I still have it, I keep thm in a little pill box in my purse.... its more discreet if I forget to take it at home and have to take it at work. I'll look for the bottle tomorrow; I hope I have it or I will have to go a week with nothing, not sure what that will do.
I'm trying to just be excited and not worry. The logical side of my brain tells me not to worry but there's that little something that nags at me and causes me anxiety about something so far from what I know. I have not travelled as an adult more than a days drive from where I live. This will be a very different experience for me.



Sounds like a fun adventure! Bigger planes are actually more comfortable to fly in. (Though I wouldn\'t say the are comfortable.) Don\'t bring liquids in your carry on bags and just refill your prescription before you leave if you lost the bottle.

Have fun!