God grant me the strength I need

God please grant me the strength, and serenity I need to get through this next month, or two. I need to get things " settled " as far as my lease renewal rate goes, and I need to somehow help him get his ssd settled - ( as far as the whole insurance situation goes ).... as well as " somehow " help him to NOT drive himself nuts being angry, frustrated, and disappointed, about Eric not helping him the way he PROMISED as far as getting his things shipped down here ! It's so WRONG the way Eric has been treating him ! I wish that there was something I could do to help, but there's simply nothing that I can do. 

I'm afraid he's going to do something crazy like find another woman with a car, and seduce her in order to talk her into helping him go up to MO. to get his things, and bring them down here to FL. BUT, of course IF he was to do something like that then that would mean that he would be leaving me yet AGAIN ! 


Despite the latest chaos, I am in this for the " long haul " ! 

I've told him that I'm " on his side ", and I mean it ! 

I just WISH he would OPEN his eyes to see that OTHERS have needs to ! 

Sure I understand how completely frustrated he is about not having ALL of his things from MO. yet, but there are OTHER things going on right here that need attention ! .... Other things that have been on my mind. I don't feel that I've been " wrong " for being pre-occupied with these " other " things. 

But for him... he's always been this way... 

The WORLD revolves around HIM !... In his eyes.... 

In His reality IF if it doesn't directly involve HIM then it doesn't truly matter as much as HIS concerns ! 

Selfish ? Many would say so..... But that's simply how he is, and I've known it for many years now.

Can I tolerate, and truly cope with it, without completely losing my mind ? .... I don't know yet. 

I hope so. I guess Time will tell.