gggrrrrr...2nd try....

Now dang it, i wrote quite a long entry and it didnt post it..grrrrrrr. Now I dont have time rite now, geez o    Anyhoo it was all about going to my daughters for the weekend for a little get together one night and halloween the next. i'm dressin up as a half male/half female pale bloody   And about the saltwater fishtank & fish we just got from Craigslist. And about a guy finally getting ahold of me about putting up my mural for me. Thats the totally awesome part. Gonna love it!! Tropical..7'4"heigth x 12'6"length..just a HUGE AWESOME SCENE!! Will totally help me get through winter if there is a beach in my livingroom. .lol   
so anyhoo, i will try again to get somethin posted here...



It did post. I am excited for you about your mural. It is very pretty. And glad your hubby got that tank and is making it very pretty. Well, this is Monday so hope your Halloween plans went well. Did they recognize you? Have a great week.