Getting more sick, lost full time and insurance

Well every day I seem to be getting worse. I can barely stand up straight without being in some sort of pain and I always feel like i'm going to pass out. My boss told me today that I need to look into getting disability and that she can't put me back on full time because i'm always sick. Which means I lose my medical insurance! I can't get better without my insurance and I can't work because i'm sick, so i'm stuck. I try to play it off as feeling better but she says I can't fool her and she can see that i'm in too much pain. But because I have been working some I'm not going to be able to get disability.  On a positive note...        the guy i'm seeing now who i've known for about a year has freed me almost completely of my jealousy and insecurity! because i've known him for awhile and we're friends first and foremost I know that I can actually trust him because I know who he is as a person.