Getting Easier

Life is getting better each day I am gamble free. I can almost feel the load getter lighter. Ive been gf for 46 days now. Already I am so much more at peace than I can even remember. I am learning to really enjoy doing things I put out of my mind while I was living and breathing this demon. Since I quit gambling, I feel that my life is starting over again, only this time I am in control, not the addiction!
Even though my debt is still there, I see progress in that I am starting to get caught up again. It"ll probably take years to get every one paid off, and some may not, but the one thing I have now is hope. It feels so good! Now to  make up for all the things I ve sold due to this disease. I know those were just things, but  eventually I hope to get them back again.
When gambling, I would need something so badly, but wouldnt spend the money to purchase it because I needed to get my fix in at the casino. Now if I want or need something, I have money again in my purse, and i can buy it now. I dont have much right now but i think with time, I will.
I havent had a huge urge to go gamble, just fleeting thoughts, and quickly I take my mind somewhere else.
I am finding out there is hope for a brighter tomorrow and it will have stresses in it, but I will keep fighting for the life I feel like I deserve!



Yes... keep fighting and finding new things (or old things that feel new again) to fill your time! Life can be good for the simplest of reasons :)

Hi Lisa good journal entry! we started our recovery about the same time and i too am starting to feel at peace alot more. i still have my moments of regret..but what can ya moves forward. its gona take me awhile longer to get out of debt...but money comes and goes in life and doesnt buy happiness anyway. i really havnt have much of an urge besideds fleeting thought neither and they usually pass pretty quick. its been a pleasure being bye your side thru our journey. look forward to many more days as we get back the life we deserve! Love and hugs to you!