Getting a little tired.

  Work went well today. Worked back in Woodbridge at Econo Lube Tying up some loose ends. Started falling asleep on the way back. I'm feeling pretty tired the last few days. Wish I could have a few days off, but have to keep going. Supposed to go to my friends house in Caladon this weekend. Really don't feel like it, but said I would. I can use the money too. That seems to go almost as fast as I get it. Started feeling a bit depressed today. Just seems like I'm always working, and that's about it. It takes everything I have just to keep this place, so all I can do is work. The summer is getting close to being over, and I haven't done anything, or enjoyed it. Really not much of a life. I'm starting to really feel that I want to have another person in my life. It would help out with money things, but I really want someone to share things with. Someone to come home to and talk, and just enjoy some simple things. Perhaps go out once in awhile. I have the cats here, and they are good company, but I want that human touch. I feel guilty that the cats don'tb play enough with me. I just don't seem to have all the energy for them. Perhaps soon, I hope. I have a lot of things that I want to get done in my apartment. I have the tiles for the kitchen floor, and today I got some pebbled plastic tiles for the washroom walls, or the kitchen. Not sure yet what I'm going to do with them. There really nice tho. The kind of sheets that they put on garage walls, and there easy to clean. Very easy to install, and should look pretty sharp. The ones we did at Econo Lube looked great. We painted them a safty bright yellow, and the paint is so easy going on. keep thinking that I would like to move from here, but feel like I'm stuck. It's great room for the cats. Lots of windows, and very roomy, but it seems a little out of my price range to me. most of the time I feel like I'm struggling just to keep up with the rent, and bills, and it just never seems to end. I'll be turning fifty soon, and I get worried about later. I won't always be able to work and do this, and that gets me worried a bit. Be so much nicer with a partner to help out a little. Anyway, things are really good. Everything is mostly taken care of. Tomorrow is payday, and that will help for going to Calodon. That might be a nice break away from here. Dave is a good guy, and I'll have to sleep there. Should be good tho. They have a nice fancy place with a Jacuzi, so that will be a bonus. Their older people, but very nice. Daves in recovery too, so thats good. We will get to talk a bit, and they should have some good food. I haven't really been eating all that well. Just don't have all the time to make things. It's hard being on my own. I do need some help that way. God, if you see fit, please bring someone into my life to help out. I really would appreciate it. Thank you Lord for all that you do. I know I am really blessed, even tho at times I don't feel like it. Thank you so much.