GERD and Gastrits

I have been vomiting lately since last week. I think my gastritis and acid reflux are back. I'm writing a food diary to determine which food causes me to be sick. I found out that I can't drink milk and fruit juice. They will cause me to be sick. I will have to elmininate soda, acidic foods such as tomatoes, oranges, etc, maybe fatty food and fried foods, caffeine. It was my fault that I have these conditions again. I was eating all kind of food even caffeine, acidic food, drinking milk, fatty food and fried foods. Now I am suffering the consequences of my action. I'm going to try out variety of food to see if I can eat them mostly healthy foods. It seen like everytime I eat sweets, I get sick too. I might can eat just a little sweets.
If it get worse, I am going to the doctor. I'm taking Zantac for right now to see if it will help. I think if I eliminate the foods that cause me to get sick, I will be okay. I probably don't have to take medication. I'm going to take Zantac for 2 weeks or a month so it can heal.
Today for lunch, I had a baked chicken sweet peas and water. I ate a small portions of it. My stomach is okay with it. I'm glad. This morning I ate grits and drink some water. My stomach was good.
I'm going to see how my stomach will be in 2 weeks. Pray for me.