I'm so frustrated right now, I just want to grab people and shake some sense into them. I wish people would just live their own lives and just leave me alone. I'm so physically sick all the time from Gastroparesis and they make it so much worse by adding stress. Do people really not have anything else to do in their lives but to make other people miserable? I just want to crawl under my covers. And I don't understand why this font is so small? Hopefully it gets worked out when I save it, otherwise I apologize for it being so tiny but it won't let me fix it. I'm just venting about anything, today is going to be a bad day. I'm so sick and of course I can't find someone to come in to work for me because while i'm losing hours that I want to work nobody else wants to work, it's just not fair. I just want to get through this day, this week, this month, this damn year!



i know this feeling :) i live with the person i want to shake! there is no getting away at present time from him, oh well.

i hope you are able get thru the day and that it passes quickly so you can get the chance later to crawl under your covers, i know that need (to comfort myself) as well and i literally lay down and pull the covers snugly around myself when i need to take care of myself when i have had a horrid day. hope yours gets better