Fun Memories of Nick

Hi Fred:
I've been thinking lots about Nick.  Tonight I would like to share with you some of the funny things that he & I shared.  His sense of humor was witty and keen.  He & I made a great team with puns and taking turns playing each other's straight man.  I miss his humor. I miss his jokes and stories.  I miss him making me laugh during the evenings after he got home from work.  Here are some of the fun things I'd like to share with you.
Nick always liked to stay on the top floor in motels when he was on travel.  He liked the drapes open and he didn't always completely dress.  He liked being comfortable when he got off work.  He on business travel getting ready for work one early morning.  He was wearing just his shorts and decided he's take a short breath of fresh air out on his balcony.  As his room was in the back of the motel chances of being seems were next to none.  He went out closing the patio door behind him.  When he went to go back in, he found the door was a self-locking one.  He was locked outside on his balcony on the top floor.  He examined the drainage pipe on the side of the building.  It was in bad repair & he didn't trust it to hold him.  In short (or shorts) he had to wait until the motel maid came through the back court.  He had to call & wave to her & get her to come unlock the patio door for him.  This could only happen to Nick!
Nick & I were on holiday in France to visit his brother & sister-in-law. We managed to get our luggage caught in the departure gates.  The harder Nick pulled, the harder the gate squeezed. I finally had to use my one licket to get the gate open and then run through very fast pulling the other suit case before it closed.  The next adventure was when I nearly fell down the escalator with a suit case.  Nick was holding on to a case with one hand and holding me up with the other while I hung on to the other case.  No Frenchman came to rescue us but they were highly entertained by us.  Griswalds... eat your hearts out.
We were staying at The Flamingo Hotel in Lass Vegas.  We were very close to check out time and again on one of the upper floors.  Nick got out of patience with the elevator situation and decided we would walk down the 12 floors & carry the suit cases.  Off we went.  After fighting the stairs over & over again he proudly showed me the Exit door.  He opened it and found we were not wuite there yet.  Yes, we were outside but not on the ground.  We were on top of the ROOF of the casino!! Yup!  There we were dragging our suit cases along the roof of the Flamingo on the Lass Vegas strip.  When we did manage to find a way down we ended up in the middle of the work area for the Flamingo grounds keepers.  For some reason they seemed to think we were a little strange.
There are a lot of other funny and fun memories of Nick.  I miss that humor.  I miss holding his hand while watching TV.  I miss our   trips to The Texas Road House and to Marcellar's.  I miss going to bed and having him read bed time stories to me.  I miss hiking with him and our quite pic-nicks along the river.  I miss him and the things we used to do,  However, I treasure these memories.  They are the better part of me.  Thank you, Nick, for sharing them with me.
Wherever you are, I love you, Nick.
Thank you Fred for letting me relive these memories for a few minutes.  Good night for now.
Darlene     08/01/2011