Fuck yeah!

I'm officially off my Celexa now... Told my doc on friday... She ordered 6 tubes of blood taken from me to make sure I'm still healthy from all the damage the meds can cause.
Right now I feel fine. Not good, nor bad...But not numb either...Just fine. I hope this lasts...
The other day my ex (not the recent one) told me that he likes how I'm smiling now. We have been hanging out. baking, and making jam ( yes I know that sounds absolutely retarded) I could see right through him though. He will only be around as my friend as long as the smiles last. I fI dump back down to the dark side then he will be running gone :P
Have followed advice and took a break from online dating...Cut final ties from ex. (possibly why I feel better)
May be getting another temp job here soon at Fred Meyers. I tried to find better jobs elsewhere...But I guess this is where my college took me. I think I plan to kiss some motherfucking ass if I get this job so they will keep me full time. And then I will be a Fred Meyer minimum wage bullshit shelf stoker the rest of my life...All hopes of one day owning a house are all out the window. I think my number one goal in life now is to just be able to pay off my college loans...Pffst!



glad you are feeling better hun, and if you can get that job that would be great. You don\'t have to stay there forever, just till things start to get back to where they were years ago when jobs were actually out there to be had :P As for the making jelly and baking being retarded? i don\'t think so, it actually sounds fun ;) i just have an issue with things being stuck to my hands :P