Frustration over tests

Well, now the lab refuses to draw my blood.  They wanted the order clarified but the doc told them to call Kenner docs.  I just will never get these tests done that I should be having done at least twice a year.  I'm wanting to make appt with Kenner docs but want to wait till Misty is out of school in May.  I asked my doc to order the octreoscan and he didn't.  I guess he forgot.  Anyway, maybe I'll just go to New Orleans and have the tests done there.  I mean it will only cost me a night in a hotel which might be fun for a change anyway.  I am just too frustrated over all of this.
It is so much easier to sit and do nothing like I've been doing since 2006.  Maybe I should just continue and let the chips go where they fall.  It's not like seeing these docs will give me more quality time.  I hurt everyday and am still so depressed over my life.  Yes, quality time is not in the horizon for me.........



Hope you can get your blood test done soon, It has to be aggravating, Just hang in there and keep fighting.

Hugs DD