Individuality!  I finally GOT IT! (Or so I believe, time will tell, and practice.)  No one, and I mean absolutely NO ONE, has the right to criticize me for being me! There is no law, real, implied, or otherwise, that mandates I change who I am in order to satisfy the individual needs and desires of someone else. I have the right to be who I am, even though I may be in different transition points from one state to a better state. Anyone who has a problem with my being-ness needs to take their complaint to my Creator, not me. I am not obligated to change from who I want to be or am designed to be, just to please someone else's judgement or opinion.  Good! Now I've gotten that feels better. Now to teach myself to apply it to my anxieties. It's a whole new concept for me! I no longer want to feel guilty for other's feelings. Deep breath....exhale...ahhhhh. Comfort with my self. Blessings.