Freakin' Tuesday Night.

Tonight was horrible. Today was good. Good lecture and good lab, but once I got home shit his the fan. Chi has been video taping us and it is really eerie so I told her to stop and she did but she brought it out again when I dad got home, when I yelled at her again my dad got really upset as well and began yelling about divorce and how she is going nuts. To get to the point she began calling me crazy, seriously. She told me that I follow her and my dad and that I am untruthful. She told me that I was crazy because of the cuts on my arm, the pills that I take the hospitalizations and then my doctors appointments. I feel so bad about this. I don't know if things are like this because of me or because she is really crazy. I don't want my dad to be depressed because of another divorce and I hate the fact that if divorced, he will then be divorced twice. I am also concerned about her son Ti, I don't know if they would live together or what. If this al panned out would she go back to Vietnam? When we were all yelling in the living room he was in the corner of the kitchen crying.
I don't want to hurt him. He did none of this, it was his mother. I just want to make things better for my dad and I know that things wont get better until Chi is gone. I guess we'll see what happens in the days to come. Wish me luck.
Goodnight Moon.



Wow, sounds like a very stressful night. How old is your stepbrother? Hope all goes better today