Four Weeks

I have been taking Azilect for four weeks now. Still no side effects.
My right foot tremor seems the same and is troubling. Both hands have a light tremor. The pill rolling tremor in my right hand is more pronounced.
We are walking four to five miles every day, morning and evening walks. I may have to slow back my right knee is bothering me. It seems to be a tendon on the inside of the knee. I feel awkward walking. We visited the St. Joseph Shrine in Yarnell, AZ today. lots of rockery and steps that are poorly formed. I was extremely careful then I fell on the one short flight of normal well formed steps. Broken skin but no real injury.



Major vulnerability on the inside of the knee joint itself is the medial collateral ligament. It has to do with medial stability of the knee and could be stressed if your gait is abnormal e.g. placing weight on inside of foot with knee as a fulcrum or dragging foot, slightly?
If you are knock kneed...?
You could check to see if you wear your shoes down asymmetrically...
The first recourse beyond changing gait and footwear is to strengthen the leg muscles in a gym, slowly and carefully. If that is an option?
The key muscle to the knee is the pear shaped one on the lower-inside portion of the thigh, if it\'s visible. (Vastus Medialis Obliqus or VMO)
This primarily contributes the final few degrees of extension, which tend to be lost if you speed up your knee extensions on a weight machine.
At home on a couch with an ankle weight etc. you would be trying to straighten the leg.
Without weights you can perform isometric thigh contractions. This is difficult to do properly and consistently because there is no feedback. Much easier to do e.g. 10 reps with 100 lbs.