For people who dont know

HI all. Some of you may know that most of my family are in heaven along with my dear old mum & dad but there are folk on DS who DONT know & kindly send me happy mothers day wishes. One person said have a good mothers day with youy mum & family. The kind of family I have from the few who are left are not like families should be. & before you say it' I know it  happens every where & all through life but I am just bringing it to your atension. I do honer my mum as I have said in other profiles even on moters day so I thank ou all for the nice wishes that you send. I would like to add that IT WAS MY MUM'S BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY. SH WOULD HAVE BEEN 87 but again I still honer that day too. Im a bit sadend that for a second time I was not able to get her flowers  & put them in a vas beside her caskit. The fact that most folk did not know how my family are & my mum has passed on goes back to what I said in another jernal about reading my profil requests That I used to send out to folk but had a complaint from a DS member. My gernals should help sort this & help bring it all to your atension. Even for future DS members. This is all I am doing rigt now . Bringing it all to your atension. Ido forgive thoes who did not know & I am not hurt or ofended by it. I understand but still say reading my profile even bit by bit would have said it all. Im not demanding any one to do so but you can now see how it helps & you are free to do it if when & how you can. Tis only aplies to thoes who haven't yet or not fully. Take care all. Lots of love & hugs from me.