Fly a G6

My body is shutting down literally I think. I feel sensitive to touch and completely exhausted. However, I drown myself in liquor every night so I can simply forget about life and the pain that experience from it. I want to live a life where I don't have to worry. But isn't that everyone's wish... I just want to be happy. Id there some secret that i don't know or I've forgotten about. Who deserves to be happy. I want to stop being so sad, alone and full of fear. The car that I got from my brother needs some work and I am trying to get my parents to help me out in paying for it. This morning I found that my tire is lat... bummer.
I have been going through some of the interview process of the Denver Public School Tutor program with AVID. I hope I get this job. It pays alright and I think that it would be a great distraction from everything else in my life. But, first I need to focus on school and graduation. Wish me luck with this job opportunity!!!
Goodnight moon.