Finishing the remodel

My dad thought it would be a great time to finish the inside remodel!  The N just did the main strip.  The kids's bedrooms, my office, hallway and den all still had the old, yucky carpet.  I know my dad wanted to do this because he's a workaholic and it's too hot outside to work.  Geez at 104 outside, it's too hot inside to work!! 
I am glad to get the yucky carpet out.  It didn't look that bad, but was merlot color, showed every bit of lint ever, and had been through renters and didn't smell so fresh.  The bad part of this kind of remodel is having to live through it.  Everything from the den is in the living room/dining room, it's like an obstacle course in here!  And trying to keep everything somewhat clean through it is tricky.  And then the dogs!  OMG.  It's a pretty open floor plan in here, so the only place they can be to stay out of the way of the work is my bedroom or outside on the run constantly.  So, my bedroom is becoming like a war zone of bored puppies at night!
It will be worth it.  Everything will be easier to clean after and well, I won't have to replace the old vacuum like I thought I would!!  There would only be one more sorta bigger project inside after that.  My bedroom does have faux wood floor, but it was just installed over the carpet.  My dad would like to get ALL the carpet out of here.  We will wait maybe until next year for that.  It's tiring and dad is not getting younger.  Outside of that, the kids and I over time can do the smaller things.  Replacing some of the blinds and some of the trim work, and finishing some of our decorating ideas as we can afford it.
The biggest thing I would like is an escape proof fence for the dogs.  They are big enough to escape what we were using before.  Untill it cools off, we are just putting them on the run in the morning and early evening when it's not so hot.  But they are too big for it to be more than a temporary measure.  They are big enough that they need some space to run free - even if it's in circles around a fence!!  Trying to work outside to install a new fence would just be deadly.  It will be a project because it will need protected from them digging out, tall enough they can't jump and of material they can't climb.  What was I thinking??  Oh yes, the pleasure of getting your face licked and those puppy eyes when they cock their heads to beg...I forget that part sometimes!!