Finding it hard to live in Smokey's apartment.

I am finding it hard to live in Smokey's apartment.
I loved and laughed together with Smokey in this place.  Its his apartment.  I got to move in with Smokey.  He was the love of my life.
Now, it had so many happy and pleasant memories and the more I remember, the more I miss my Smokey.  I am bringing good memories here as well with people coming over and babysitting Tyson here.  
Its financially the best for me to live here.  I am not working and surviving on the the Survivors Pension here in Canada.  I wish I could afford to move but alas for the moment I am tied to this place and have to survive the memories.
What about those widows and widowers who have survived 3 years now  I would like to hear your stories of how you are surviving.   Do you still miss your loved one?  How are you coping?  Did any of you enter into a new relationship? How is that going?  How does one go about changing their lives for the best?
I am open to hearing from you from Diane B.