Finally have a surgery date!

I haven't been on this site for quite a while - since school started actually. I have been so overwhelmed with school. I'm doing really well, but it's so time consuming that i don't have time for much else. Also I have been sick for over 2 weeks now and it's really hard to concentrate on school work. I am happy to say that I have gotten 100% on both my math quizes so far.(math has always been hard for me) The thing bothering me now is this cold. I thought it was going away then it hit me with a second wave. It goes into my lungs and just stays there forever.  I think I might be starting to get over it now.I do have good news though. I FINALLY have a surgery date for my gastric bypass. It is Dec. 1. I still have to lose 5 more lbs and get over this cold and get my strength built back up, but I am so happy to have a date at last. I have been at this for a year now. I still have to go to a class that costs $300.00. but I can swing that I think.



Hello Stranger lol,
Glad to hear about your date.. thats awesome.
Getting stuck into something you love is good.
I was wondering about you and where you were..

But all in good time, I understand about spreading yourself a bit thin

Get well, loose that 5lbs and in for that life changing surgery...

All the very best


So glad to hear you are doing so well... apart from being sick, that news on getting a date for your surgery at last....What a great incentive to lose that 5lbs....keep us posted when you can.

Get better soon

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