Fighting the Urge

Yesterday was set to be the beginning of a fast for me.  I haven't fasted since october last year, so my recovery as been going fairly well so far.  It all started from an evening with a friend that I wrote about in my last journal entry.  I was really upset about how he was talking to me, and the sort of food we ate.  
To be honest, after trying to argue him out of a few of the ingredients for less fattening things, I think he decided to put in more fattening things.  He told me he usually uses a small thing of heavy cream, but they only had container twice the size of his normal amount, and I noticed he poured the whole thing in because I only had skim milk instead of whole milk, which just wouldn't do.
I meditated on the situation the next day, he told me the last time he made that dish was with his ex-girlfriend, and it was her favorite.  I really started talking to him after his girlfriend broke up with him about all my problems, because I knew he had problems too, and I wanted to be there for him because no one should have to be alone in their head.  I can understand why he would need everything in the meal to be exactly how she liked it, because skewing that dish would be like skewing his memory of their time together.
After thinking about that and planning out all the excuse I would use to avoid eating meals with anyone for the next couple of days, I decided to get some chores done around the house.  I fed all the animals, and I went out to water the garden and pick a few tomatoes before the bugs got to them.  Then I came inside and I cleaned the kitchen spotless from the mess of frying chicken.  And finally, I started on my work out routine for my shoulder physical therapy.  After doing all that, I was in better spirits about everything.  It's the perfectionist in me that makes my mind as ease when the things around me are in order.  So I decided although my friend had been unfair the night before, I wasn't going to let that relapse my months of recovery.  It was one night, and I'm better than letting one night make me give in.  And he had reasons behind his actions, so I can't really be mad at him, I think in the same situation, I would have done the same thing.  And I hope that he would be as understanding as I am trying to be.
All of this makes me think.  Do you have ED if you aren't still committing the actions of the illness?  I still have issues with what I eat, I only really eat my "safe foods," but I can eat other stuff too.  I still have that thought in the back of my head that tells me to restrict or to fast.  I just don't listen to it.  And I still get anxiety when I'm buying food, or eating with groups of people.  I still get that itching in the back of my mind when I hear about new dieting supplements or shows about weight loss like Biggest Loser.  I think I'm still on the path to recovery, and I'm just doing really well.  I just don't know what the next step is, how to make myself stop thinking about what I've already done and what I could possibly do in the future.