Feeling sorry for myself

Lately I have been feeling very sorry for myself.
I just have so many issues! Between the mental issues and the physical issues I am just feeling very upset and overwhelmed.
Tomorrow I have to call my local medical clinic to ask for an appointment because of all the blood I've been having with my bowel movements. Its really becoming a problem! 
On top of that are all the heart tests I am having done. I had a Holter Monitor on me a few days ago for 24 hours, then I had to go through a stress test, and soon I'll be getting an Echocardiogram. All because there is some anomaly in my heartbeat. Scary! :( To make things worse I am having pain in my left arm right now, a pain that I experience every once in a while since even before all this testing started.
Also, I am noticing what may be another side effect of the Abilify but I am not sure. I've been feeling restless a lot lately, and accompanying the restlessness is an odd shaking of my legs. Instead of the normal up and down shake of one leg, now I am shaking both legs in and out. My knees alternating between swinging towards each other and away from each other. It is really weird. Often that will even happen without the restlessness, just by itself.
So there is now some light suicidal ideation with this. Ugh.