Im overwhelmed by the darkness, the darkness is wanting to take form
My life is getting harder to take , if i could just let this out ,i wonder if i would be alright ,I get lost in my own reflection, i see thru myself i see , what hurts, whats confusing.Im barley holding on, its hurts when i breath my chest gets so heavy , everyday is a blear ,slow motion. I remember what its like to cut ,its been a long time, but i remember the feeling. putting on my fake smile has become a habit.Im NOT ALRIGHT>FINE



Please don\'t cut...if you have gone any length of time without doing it, count that as a victory! I know how hard it is not to...I have a horrible struggle with cutting and almost live to do it somedays...it is not good...it is not healthy...it is not safe...it is NOT WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!! Please think about it before you do anything...please?!?!