My mom is home now and I am still at the house. I'll be here until Tuesday when I go home to my dad's. I am anxious about going back because in my mind I feel that my family there is getting used to not having me around and at the same time I know that they really aren't. Once I go home I feel there will be warmth and similar feelings of what we had a little under a week ago. I have talked to my dad a couple times while I have been here and he seems to be OK. I asked his judgment towards using my mom's car without her permission to go downtown one night with my friends.  He told me to use my judgment, but to use it and not get in trouble with it... and not to tell her, so we can keep her trust if the situation ever comes up again. I thought that I would stay until Tuesday so I can relax and unwind before the new semester begins. Tomorrow we were thinking about sleeping in, maybe going to the antique store, and making marinara sauce. I think that it should be fun. I was going to call dad tomorrow but I think that I should just let it go until Tuesday when I go home. I need to get the check from mom for the services that I provided over the week I hope she pays me a substantial amount, because I really need the money.
I suppose there is nothing left to say anymore. We are watching the program "Mad Men"
Please prey that I am not lost in my father's mind; that he has not forgotten how to live me and/or my illness.
Goodnight moon.