Fabulous Five Chapter 4- Joseph

I have only known Joseph for like almost 3 months here is our story... I met Joseph at a bar and I wasnt into him. He tried talking to me but I ignored him as if I didnt hear him because he wasnt my type of guy. He was sweet, thoughtful, caring and very loving. A woman who loves too much thinks these qualities in a guy are boring. If I dont get smacked or beat (for fun of course I like it rough) and the man didnt present himself as if he was a badass I didnt give a second look.  I gave him a chance anyway because I wanted to experience something different for a change. Alex told me also to try it because this is the kind of man I should be looking for. Went to a coffee shop on our first date and he was so quiet and shy that he didnt say anything!! I was pulling conversations out of my ass just to speak and see what he was about. When the date was over I said NO FUCKING WAY AM I GONNA ROT MY BRAIN WITH THIS MFR LOL!!! Tried a second date and this time I held his arm so he can relax and WHOA!! What do you know?? He had some balls and put his hand on top of my ass!! I was excited and thought this is the man that I want. He did it so respectfully though...Everything that I liked a man to do roughly he did it so respectfully and I LOVED THAT SO MUCH!!!! IT MADE ME THINK I CAN HAVE WHAT I WANT AND IN A LOVING WAY TO WHERE THERE IS NO DISRESPECT IN EITHER PARTY!!! Now we are dating and he is the best man I have ever came across. Joseph HAD some issues before. Actually the same issues as Tony. Girls didnt like him and he was quiet. He figured it out though and now he is a confident man that loves himself and is stable in his life (he is a director/screen writer) I have never been so happy and so respected and so cared for and so loved it feels like a cold slap in the face in the middle of the hottest day of the year!! He sees my problems and accepts them because he just finished his journey so he knows what I am going through. He likes me so much I could see it in his eyes. He actually brought it to my attention how super duper SHY I am...crazy?!