Fabulous Five Chapter 3- Zee

I have only known Zee for about a year and here is our story... Zee is an Afghani woman in her 30's with one child. She didnt trust me at first because she didnt know why such a young girl wanted to be her friend. I wanted to be her friend because we are both the same woman. Inconsistant with life, troublesome with men, wild inside and so on. I thought she could be more on my level and as soon as she seen me as not a threat she loosened her grip with me. I know she doesnt care about me. I am fine with that. When you have a kid nothing matters in life but the welfare of the kid and yourself. Understandable. We hang out from time to time and chill and drink. I dont have a problem with Zee actually but Zee does have some really bad issues. She free loads off her parents money (they are rich), she doesnt work, she has no ambition to be anything in life and she starts drinking at like 10-11am. I fall into that sometimes with her when I get depressed. Just roll to Zee's house and drink some champaigne and talk about bullshit that doesnt matter or will help either of us get anywhere. She doesnt give me guidance for shit so I know she doesnt care about me. Im just some young girl she can still act crazy with even though she is a mother. She uses me as a scape goat sometimes to be herself: young, wild, and uncaring of what life dishes out to her. Now I havent told Zee about my isolation because we dont see much of each other anyways. We see each other like once or twice every two weeks so its cool. I feel she is just there so when I want to get crazy I have my crazy friend Zee...I do feel bad that I contribute to her ways and so I just stay at a distance now. Cant teach an old dog new tricks ya know??