F**king men

I think sometimes about what my profile would be on these dating sites if I didn't actually want a date- meaning if I could just be brutally honest- sound off- tweak- to let people honestly know where I'm coming from it would go something like this:

Here is a list of people that need not apply
- if you think its okay to tell people how they should feel
- if you seek to qualify others emotions in order to analyze whether or not they are worthy of acknowledgment instead of respecting that people's emotions are their own- then PLEASE back the fuck off

- if you don't acknowledge your part in your life/fate- and you blame everyone else but yourself- please stay the fuck away from me

- if you drink every night and the only time you're not drinking is bc you force yourself not to- find someone else

- if you would rather drink then fuck- find someone else

- if your insecure and arrogant - the 2 are synonymous- and you would rather tell people all about themselves instead of taking a real look inside and then you sit back and criticize those who are actually real- kill yourself and do the world a favor. (That's actually horribly violent and I don't mean it literally- but I have seething, blood curdling anger for people like that)

Hmmm what else? I think that's all for now. I think the reason I haven't found a man is bc although I can state with specificity what I DON'T want- I don't know if I know what I actually do want. To be continued at some later date in time...



Getting to know yourself; what you want and what you don\'t want is a lifelong process. Some, very few, get really lucky and find \"the one\". Meanwhile, the rest of us just learn to live with disappointment. I know there\'s a place in between; and that\'s what all the hard work is about.

Btw, not too violent - I\'ve felt and said the same things myself, more than I care to admit.

Amen to that my friend. I really think that I\'m so focused on what I don\'t want- on who I don\'t want to be on where I don\'t want to go that I don\'t know if I ever even sat and thought of what I do want. I think I\'m gonna give that a shot. I think it will help me tremendously.

I\'m at a point of acceptance in my life. I get that the people who have come and gone were meant to and that my family is who they are and they will be what they will be and I can\'t change it- ever. Its not up to me. It never has been. That\'s what I need to focus on- not what I don\'t want. I can write a whole fucking novel on that shit! And I\'m gong to - here. So I can get it out of me and move on to focusing on positive shit. That\'s the goal. Gotta have goals!

As always- thank you for your input :)