Existence or Something Like It :)

So my big sister is moved down here for good. I'm hoping all my hopes that all goes well with her here. She just stepped back into a pit of snakes voluntarily. And sure, right now, when she has a boy friend, and all her good friends are clamouring to see her because it's all new, and she has a roof over her head, she can say that she won't slip up. But what about when the novelty of her wears off, and her pals start resuming life with only occasional visits. Or when her and her boyfriend don't work out....like most of her boy friends. And if that happens, she won't have a place to stay. What then? That's when her old ugly friends are going to rear their heads, offering her a reprieve in the form of a pipe. Can she stay strong enough then? Goodness gravy I hope so.
And my little sister. Oy. Can everyone just be fine for a week? She finally sent her other half packing. She and I had a talk, and she got strong and he left. No more smacking her around, no more draining her accounts when she's not looking. But now...ugh. I watch my nephew, 10 hours a day, for free while she works. Then all night she parties. Leaves him with our niece. I found out she started smoking, just out of the blue. Like, WTF?? She tells me she has no money to pay me because she barely makes her bills. But then she goes out, she claims she doesn't buy her own booze, but who knows.
I'm unemployed right now, I have part time kid care lined up for the end of August, and more kids coming at the start of October. But until then it's thin skating. So watching my nephew, feeding him, taking him places, spending my days, is straining.
And then my 17 year old niece has gotten terrible. She dropped out of school last year. Then bounced from jobs and homes sporadically. Her current home just got raided, like drug bust raided, and now she is homeless again. She cooks pizza for a job, and never has any money. I think she is into more then just pot. I saw her at the fair this weekend and her hair was unwashed, her shirt was filthy and ripped, her pants were stained. And she could barely put two sentences together.
On the plus side, Marlow is getting smarter and smarter! She turns 2 at the end of this month. And she can count to 6, she can do chunks of her ABC's. We can sing about five songs and do the hand motions to go with them. She knows her colours pretty well. White and black are the only two we are having a real issue with.
We are potty training. Slowly. She says she's gotta go, does nothing on the potty, then goes once her diaper is back on. I'm hoping that's a stage :).
And Joey gets a promotion tomorrow. He goes from a blue hat to a green hat. At his job that means he gets him own crew. Before he worked on the decking (floor building) bay. Now he will over see the decking and the linoleum bay. He get's a $1.50 raise, plus a bit more responsibility and the chance to prove that if a white hat (over sees a handful of green hats to make sure they are doing thier jobs) opens up he can handle it.