Alot has happened in the last year. Ive been working at the bar for over a year now! I also have a second job working with Dave's (soundman at the bar) wife sorting through car parts ad correcting human errors. I just got that job a couple weeks ago after Mike and I broke up. I went to a SetSinAside show and went to an after party with Gabe which happens to be a good friend of Mike and I. Well Mike called my phone and Gabes friend answered it and Mike flipped out! He broke up with me right then and there. I wasnt upset, in fact I knew it was coming. Still to this day I havent cried over him. My life automaticly turned around when he left and I've never felt so independent and free. Im still working on havng confidence in myself. Working at the bar helps a little. I get hit on a lot but I know their all just drunk idiots trying to get laid. Im not stupid. Ive been talking to a couple guys. Their both drummers.... The last guy I wrote about on here was a drummer and probably the next 3 will also be drummers. I dont know what it is but somehow Im attracted to drummers. Anyways, the first guy is Mike Mast. Hes the drummer for a band called Surrogate Sons. Anytime I see him, hes really stand-offish. So I asked him the other day when he was going to kiss me and he was like 'oh, about that...' I was pissed, but oh well. The other guy is Jason Carr. Hes in a band called Warlike Earth. Now Jason approched me and asked me if i liked him. Well Im still not sure if I do yet. He's a good guy and he tries to do whatever he can for me. Sounds great but Im not exactly sure how old he is and he has a 9 year old son..... Im not sure what to do with this guy. He took me to the movies to see 9 on the day it came out (9/9/09). It was cool but now i kinda feel like hes liking me a little too much. Ive already told himI couldnt get into anything serious so im totally gonna feel bad when I have to tell him we have to see less of eachother. I feel like ive seen him more in the past two weeks then I ever have the whole time ive know him. By the way, I met him through my friend Stevo about a year ago. So yeah thats whats goin down in my life. Oh yeah! I got a car now! I have to get my license still but Im on my way to complete freedom!