End of July

We haven't had a summer here in Ireland as of yet. I keep thinking it will be here any day now. We get bits of sunshine then it rains. Yesterday it rained but the sun came out for awhile afterwards and really nice for my walk. Today there is no sign of the sun making an appearance and its raining and has turned a little chilly. Light coat or sweater weather for sure. Well tomorrow is another day and still hoping for the summer to comem through for us this year. I joined classmates for three months in order to get in contact with this girl that I use to work with when I worked in a Doctor's office many moons ago. I just started thinking about her and her mother (which her mother worked in the same office) We would hang out at times like go out to eat or even a night on the town. Her mother even gave me a baby shower when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. Anyway left her a message on her board, she hasn't join either but she can view my profile. I put my email address, which I had to put a different way because the site wants all contact made through them and they charge you for the use of getting in contact with them through their site. I forgot to mention she graduated from High School but we didn't hang together then. Anyway it worked and I got a email from her. Her mother had passed away of brain cancer in 2004 and then her cousin(which was in the same class we graduated from) died in 2003 of colon cancer. Her mother was such a nice lady, they had money but didn't act all big about it. I was hoping to get better news from her but we are in contact again which that is what I wanted to begin with so that was a well spent 15.00. Hope everyone week is going well. I did my walk yesterday and got to do some mowing until I just couldn't take it anymore. Today was errand day, and I ended up having to buy a new tire for the car. For several weeks it has had a slow leak in it, yesterday while I was out I had to fill the tire with air, so decided I really needed to get it checked out well at some point we had run over a nail the wall of the tire was bulging, so the guy thought it was best to get a new tire unstead of fixing the old one. Peter use to work with the guy that owns the tire store so he wouldn't be inclined to say we needed a new tire for the sake of him making more money off me. Feel happy within myself. I like to read so this seems like a day to get in the bed and finish reading the Stephen King Novel I have started. Its called Duma Key. I am a very avid fan of his and have read almost all of his books. I have even got a picture of me standing outside his house in Maine when I was on vacation that again was many moons ago. So Stephne King here I come. Love to all Cindy