Sorry i was not on for so long i been busy.  I dont know where to start oh last week I bit myself by accident it was over night.  The next day my mom questioned me on it and I lied to her stating I rammed my arm into the wall It does not make sense but she took it as truth.  the neext day found a studio for rent so called the person up and went to look at it It was sopposed to be a twobedroom apartment but second bedroom was not finished so its a one bedroom with storage for me so i wanted the place but three days later i went to look at it again and was about to pay her but found out the pipes burst after i used the bathroom.  someone moved upstairs with bipolar I know what bipolar is there are different degrees of it my cousin Alex has it severe.  anyways that tennent broke the plumbing I dont know what happened to him the other tennents upstairs told me hes a mental case.  The downstairs unit was a private unit where i was sopposed to rent.  So i told her im not renting that unit i changed my mind i put my money back in my wallet and left.  my cousins are gone at their dads for the summer so the house is mine.   two days ago i got a haircut well got the dead ends cut off so my hair looks better.  yesterday my mom went in the hospital and has to stay because of heart attack.  yesterday i also went to the hemotologist to get a b12 injection the doctor came back with my hct and told me i am lucky if i went down 2 more points he would of sent me to the er.  the doctor also told me i cant go to college for the fall semester I was sopposed to go to NYU he said my memory will be no good right now i need to get better.  I lost some weight.  I called NYU up told them the situation they said they will have me in for the spring semester so I was happy.  I tried texting my man last night and the night before but no response so I was worried I thought something happened to him I cried myself to sleep.   I have the house to myself until my mom comes back dont know when.  last time she had a heart attack she was in the hospital for two months.  this upsets me  I dont want my mom to die eventhough we fight all the time I still love her.