I'm tired of people(in 4-d).  I'd rather sit at the computer all night and talk to ya'll.  but I'm off to do the church thing and teach in a little while.   I told my partner that all I'm up to doing is handing out stuff.  she's good with that.  thank God.  I did so much prep work over the last month that I wore myself out.   And then..and then..I've got a mission trip in less than a month that I'm committed too.   I must be nuts.  really.  I just found out that I have tourette symdrome too.  so I'm been treated for that finally.  Now maybe I can work on some things with a clearer head.   I need to sleep for a week. 
even the secretary asked if I was okay when I changed my appt with my pdoc for a week later than it was supposed to be(hubby has a procedure).  I guess I sounded manic.  I know I don't now.  
Meanwhile my therapist told me to get the book on boundaries by townsend and cloud.   I can't seem to get it by myself.  she tries explaining it and I just don't seem to be responding.  or rather..she doesn't explain it..she just tells me I need to have some.  so I finally pointed out to her that it's not very how-to of her to keep saying that.  so that's where I am..until I get the book that is.