Dont know

Last night spoke to doctors my moms made no progress so yeah im very upset.  Today Im gonna hang out with kelly and go to target with her.  She wants to get a few things I told her I go.  Might as well browse if i see something i need ill pick it up.  Brielle-  hang in there cuz im ok dont worry tell uncle brian i said hi.Alex- I heard u had another tantrum today.  Remember what I said about controling ur bipolar things will get better if u do.  your dad has bipolar and its hereditary thats how you got it you should already know that take care cuz tell uncle alex i said hi.Chris-Behave and take ur medication I know with ADHD we sometimes forget so try to remember and make sure Emma takes hers also. get uncle alex in a head lock for me.Brittany-  I am ok remember to take ur medication and make sure Brooke and Brenna takes their medication also.  tell Dave I said hi I would call him uncle Dave but I knew brielles father since I was a baby.Dad-  I am ok but worried about you I heard you tried to drug over dose dont do that you will end up in psychoward and i dont want to go to germany to visit you in psychoward I love you but please think before you kill yourself.