This little shelving unit was the only new thing I bought (besides the wardrobe ...Michael’s purchase). I just thought it was so...cute and fun. I got it at Wicker Emporium for a good price. I am FINALLY finished the dressing room or at least for now. I have to wait for my dye to arrive so I can do my curtains and lampshade cover in deep purple. The curtains in the pictures are only a temporary fix. The ugly gray carpet will have to wait until February. It will be our winter project. I can live with it for a few more months.I am exhausted with all the work this week. I even got the upstairs cleaned. I gave it a good cleaning...pulling out all furniture and such. Oh, where do those dust bunnies come from? Today I am going to clean downstairs in the early hours. I hope to be outside by noon and finish up the fall prep stuff. It is suppose to be cloudy but warm. Hopefully, hubby will be home from work in time to help me. I will have to use the leave blower on the gravelled dog yard. Once I get it into piles I really need a second pair of hands to scoop them into a bag. Yeah, every year I say I am going to get one of those freestanding bags but I never do. I wait until I need it and then can never find them.Well, I had a “first” on Thursday. I received a call from Dell Canada about 8:30 a.m. they asked if Michael or I had ordered a computer worth $1000.00 and it was to be shipped to some location in Ontario. I said that they had the wrong Bentley and we did not order this item. After I got off the phone it kind of played on my mind so I recorded it on my calendar. Around supper time I received a call from my credit card company asking me about three recent charges that seemed unusual. One of the charges was the computer. I informed her that I did not make the purchases. She asked if I had my card and I did. Well, somehow someone got my number and was using the card in Ontario. The card was cancelled immediately and I am not liable for the charges. They will be sending me an affidavit to verify that the charges and any others that I find are fraudulent. I now await a new card. This card had pin number (a chip) but many merchants are not yet set up for the chip so it is still signature only or over the phone or on line. I have a company that monitors my cards so I alerted them so they can watch my other cards. It is a scary feeling.Okay, this is becoming a short story so I will say good bye for now. I wish all of you good health and peace in your hearts. Debbie