Doctor's appointment (Take Two)

I will try this again. I had written a long journal entry earlier today only to hit enter and for it to tell me it didn't save it because nothing was written. So I have to start all over. Had my doctors appointment today with my ob/gyn. She is an awesome ob/gyn, because she takes the time to listen. She lets you ask all of you question good, bad, or fueled by hypochondria. I asked her about my massive amount of ovulation pain, she said it was normal for woman to have ovulation pain at times, when to worry is when it continues to be really bad after ovulation is done. Asked her about how I am itchy during ovulation as well and she said that is the bodies way of cleaning everything out. Asked her about my thinning hair, she check my bloodwork I had done a couple of months ago and since my thyroid level was fine she said it happens to all woman and to only worry if I get bald patches. She did an exam to confirm the results of the ultrasound and she said everything is normal. I was embarassed but had to ask, I told her about my looking up bloating on webmd and one of the things had mentioned ovarian cancer. She said both the ultrasound and the exam looked fine nothing felt bloated when she examined me she could feel everything. Plus it would be very rare for a 34 year old woman to have it more of a fifties and older. It made me feel better. I hope I can continue to think logically about it. I also told her about my breast pain especially on the left side. She did an exam and said everything felt alright although tender. No lumps or masses, but to come back if it gets way worse or doesn't get better in 2 months. She is an awesome doctor because she looks you in the eye and actually listens to what you are saying makes you feel comfortable and answers all of you questions. I wish more doctors where like that. Thank you Lord for her and I pray I take what she said to heart.
I am so tired, I haven't been sleeping well. I get to sleep alright but if I wake up anywhere between 3:30am and 6 am I may at most doze but I can't fall back into deep sleep. I end up in neck deep morning anxiety. Basically I lie there and worry about my health my day and torment myself. It has been really bad this week. I am hopping it gets better soon. Also my stomach is still hurting, the fraustrating thing is that it is all over sometimes uppper stomach, sometimes lower, and sometimes it is in the middle. I know my doctor is leaning towards IBS since the upper gi only showed acid reflux, but I am not sure, I worry that they should run more test before diagnosising me with it. But I don't want to borrow trouble, I still haven't heard back from my doctor yet. I may email her later and see if she has the results yet and where she wants to go with it next.



Not to add to your worries, have u been evaluated for endometriosis? That can make ovulation pain be bad at times, cause the bloating and the diffuse abdominal pain. Just a thought!