I had dinner with a friend last night, he was the first person I talked to about all my problems, so I consider him a fairly close friend.  He has been asking to make dinner with me for a while now, we both enjoy cooking and he's always been nice about finding higher skill level dishes that are also healthy for me, so we can enjoy the process without me having to feel guilty afterwards.
Last night he was being rather pushy about needing everything to be fried or filled with butter.  When I cook, I use substitutes for all the really greasy/fattening things, and he was being very stubborn about needing everything to be butter.  At the store, which I'm already not that comfortable at a store plus we were buying food which isn't super comfortable for me, he started calling me a pussy every time I suggested a healthy substitute or told him I didn't want to have everything fried.  It was 'playful,' but kinda mean, because he was yelling it, and it made me feel like people were starting to stare.  So I gave in and told him we could cook whatever he wants, but I'm not eating for the next couple days.  He knows I used to do that, but I don't think he knows I was serious.
It's been hard for me house sitting at my parents.  They went on vacation with my older and younger brothers, but I stayed home because I am taking summer classes, I have physical therapy, and I have to work on the weekends.  It's been a year since I really lived at home like this, and it's hard to be alone in the place where I used to hurt myself the most.  I haven't done anything, but it makes me sad and feel alone.