Different Focus

Because of or maybe it has been ongoing for awhile. But since my parents and I are no longer getting along, I've really been rethinking about alot of things. One of these things has been my marriage.
Don't get me wrong I love my hubby!! I've known him for years and he's been with me thru alot. But we just aren't that good together anymore. I can't lie about it anymore, or pretend that's it's not ture!! You hear of this kindof thing all the time, where people fall out of love. I'm begininng to wonder if that has happened with us. We don't talk to each other anymore, we don't really spend time together anymore. He has stopped listening to me and honestly I can't really say I listen to him that much anymore either. I invite him to different things all the time, only because I know he doesn't or won't go. We are really just going thru the motions on auto-pilot.
I have mentioned this to him many times, and he rather not focus on it. Or admit there is a problem. A few times he has acknowledge there is problem and swears he will work it and than forgets about it and doesn't work on it.
I tired to figure out many different ways that I could bring the spark back and the attempts usually don't work.
This has been on going for so long that, I don't even try anymore.
I would be so lost without him in many ways. But on the other hand we might be happier apart. I really think we would be much happier apart.
There are many differnt things going on right now. At the same time all of this is happening. I think these other things are taking away from the problems we are having.
But I think it's time we re-focus on us. Even if we won't like the out come!!