declaration of independence

Yesterday, I made a resolution to exercise daily and to make good food choices. I had been avoiding the treadmill and the scale because I didn't want to exercise and didn't want to see how much damage I had done to myself. I had a good session with my psychiatrist and she made me face some of the lies I have been telling myself. (see discussion board -"LIES") Anyway, I made myself walk on the treadmill. I was up to 125 steps when I backslid and I was afraid I would have to start all over at 20-25 steps, but I did 75, much better than I expected. I also found it not as difficult as I thought it would be. The eating part is hard, but I've been on target so far today. My plan was to drink my last soda last night, then quit it cold turkey. The problem is I actually had 2 sodas left. I drank the one last night and put one away for when I have a desperate craving. Well, I am having a craving now, so I think I will drink it and then never have any in the house any more. I know i'm justifying my actions, but I have made progress, so I'm going to indulge the soda craving and make a commitment not to buy any more.   I also want to do something nice for myself to refresh my spirit, so if anyone has any ideas. I'm thinking to go walking on the  beach, take myself to a movie, or go take pics of the local elk and other wildlife. I really want something nice to happen.



I like the idea of renewing my way for me is through laughter. My friend and I used to go to a comedy club once a week and that was great. In troubled times, I\'ve always liked to take a lawn chair or just a blanket and pillow
to some place of beauty and peace, take a journal and pen and do some writing to clear my head. I haven\'t done that in a very long time. My favorite is the beach because the sound of the waves is so calming for me. Sometimes just lying on my blanket and watching the clouds through the treetops in a park can sooth my soul as well. Thanks for reminding me there are things I can do to destress and clear out some of the mental \"noise\".

Wishing you a great day...I\'m about to get up and pack my GYM BAG...note the capitals LOL. A momentous event. LOL.

Hugs...and I am proud of you for facing the treadmill!!!