Day 9 Recovery

I am doing better than I was yesterday. My mood was crazy yesterday. I thought I was going crazy. Today is a little better. I went to volunteer today. It was okay. I mostly input the client's information into the computer. I'm not sad but i'm fairly okay. I want to try and do something in my life. I know i'm limited to some things such as going to school. I wish I could go back to school but I know I won't be able to focus and concentrate. I guess I have high expectation for my life. Maybe that is why I am so sad all of the time because I expect myself to be the best on everything. Maybe I need to lower my expectation and do the best that I can in life. I used to think when I get out of college, I will have a good career and make a lot of money. Now I see that there is no guarantee that after you get out of college, you will have a successful career. I don't regret getting a college degree. I should have work after high school. Oh well.



we all make mistakes I guess---and its good to be the best you can be with the person you are now.
just dont judge yourself too harshly maybe.
I love reading your journal-thanks for the honest sharing.