Day 9 here . . yay!

Well today is Day 9 - - the weekend is upon us, but I will not gamble; I will stay busy with other things.  The two friends that I have gambled with are now realizing the impact of it... many many times over and over they have been ahead and never able to walk with anything... we have done a lot of talking about what this really means and how we can change... they have finally realized that it is a losing battle, in so many ways.  It's great to hear the conversations; I knew it a long time ago, but have not been able to conquer abstaining longer than about 4-5 months.   I keep trying though, and realize that it can only be good to stay away!  I know it will be easier without comrades to convince eachother that it is "ok" and that we don't reallllly have a problem, like some people... you know all the rationalization . . . compared to those that lose their houses, cars, and lives... it's okay for US... it's a bunch of BS and all of us know it even when we are saying the words.
Just wanted to share this... will take it slow;one day at a time!!
Hugs to all and to staying GF and being free free free of all the guilt and shame,
Have a wonderful weekend!



Hey SG, I have no doubt that you can and will make it. So glad your friends are beginning to realize that perhaps gambling isn\'t the be all that they thought it. It will help so much (you) to not have to listen to stories of who won what. Of course they never (and we didn\'t either) share the stories of what it took to win that amount. Usually much more...L & Hs xoxo ~E
PS. Other than that, how\'s life??