DAY 103 - Reflective

This weekend I've been taking some time for organization in my house - I realize that all of the hours spent gambling over the years could have/should have been spent keeping up with things. ...  I find I had neglected so much without an inkling of thought that I would have to catch up later. :]]]  well, NOW is the time.  Not that my house is THAT bad, but it isn't to the standard that I would like, in terms of clutter-free... :] One of the things I have to do with myself is to use small compartments of time, such as 15-20 minutes where I will force myself to work on an area... because I had become a procrastinator about certain things over the years and that is not good!   When I do this now, even as far as setting an alarm for the timeframes, working through them, I then reap the benefits of seeing a clean, organized area... It's so down to basics now, that is the next thing I'm noticing... I know that ultimately, I will get where I want to be, but realize that there's a lot of catching up to do!!  One of the things I think that gamblers tend to do is obviously live "in the moment" and not think about the consequences (i.e., work not getting done, etc. ) but now I am operating daily in the TRUTH and this is what the result is... that is why recovery doesn't just take a little time, but a LOT of time and I think that we all realize that HARD WORK is required, which I know for myself, I tried to AVOID in the past.
HARD WORK cannot be set aside - it just has to be DONE to get the results we want.
Reflecting on where I am at Day 103...
Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend,
Take care,



Hello Smokeygirl...I am SO PROUD of you...Keep up the fight it is so well worth it...I haven\'t been on lately but when I do I am READING your JE\' is a tough road but one so good since being gf...I now have in 440 days...I have also noticed how much I neglected and am organizing my home as well...about time hahah...Hugs Becky