Day 1 Recovery

I figure out why I have been depressed for some years. I am going to do something about it. I am going to take my medications and go to therapy. I am going to sleep 8 hours a day or maybe or more since my body is use to sleep over 8 hours. I will cook more often. I will talk to my friends and family. This is going to be a long recovery for me. I will finally see my therapist next Thursday. I haven't saw my therapist since December 2. I am going to need help to get in recovery. I have been depressed for so long that I am used to it now. I want to be happy and outgoing again. I want to be able to hang out with my friends and family feeling happy. I will say today will be Day1 of my recovery.



Good for you-Day One it is. You will make it, I know!
Love from.....